Yoga & Disability Webinar Series: Yoga For Balance & Athletic Performance

0:00 Introduction
0:58 Matthew’s Story
5:44 Components of Athletic Performance
7:00 Mind-Body Relationships for Individual Athletes & Teams
9:52 Yoga as the Antidote to Athletic Wear & Tear
12:22 Calm Mind, Active Body
14:30 Meditation versus Yoga
16:05 Forming Habits Takes Practice!
16:32 Being Coachable
17:25 How Matthew Found Healing in Yoga
18:00 Balance Is Not Just A Physical Accomplishment

Move United and Mind Body Solutions has partnered together to host a free webinar series that covers various topics of interest for people with disabilities, their caregivers, and others who provide services in healthcare, sport, and recreation:

This webinar will explain how simple practices, based on the principles of yoga, can benefit people with disabilities by enhancing their balance and athletic performance. Learn how to identify and utilize the midline, and by experiencing balance as a sensation, find greater stability and body awareness during activity. Examples will be given to highlight injuries common among disabled veterans, including amputation and traumatic brain injury.

Download handout: