Safety Differently! Applying Lessons Learned from Occupational Safety Industries to Outdoor Programs

Tune in to Safety Differently, an engaging session originally scheduled as part of the Move United Virtual Leadership Conference. Traditional views of safety are deeply ingrained in how we talk about, measure, and attempt to manage risk in the outdoor/experiential education industry. Experts and researchers from other sectors (manufacturing, aeronautical, health care, occupational health and safety, etc.) have evolved and are making great strides in what is known as Safety Differently–a progressive new way of thinking about safety. Although the sectors that have primarily led this movement are not outdoor education programs, we have much to learn from the high level research and thinking associated with Safety Differently. Participants will walk away with a one-page handout showing a compare/contrast and outlining key action steps to take to apply a Safety Differently lens to their own program.

Speaker: Steve Smith – Risk Management Consultant with Experiential Consulting, LLC
Steve Smith, the founder of Experiential Consulting, LLC, has worked in the outdoor industry for thirty years, in the field, office, board room, and in national conference leadership roles, specializing in field safety and organizational risk management. His career has included leadership roles with national organizations such as Outward Bound and The Student Conservation Association. Steve served as the Chair of the Wilderness Risk Management Conference (WRMC) for three years (2014 – 2016). He served two terms as a board member for the Northwest Outward Bound School, where he continues to serve on the school’s Board of Directors Safety Committee. He has a master’s degree in teaching English, along with 4+ years of university-level teaching experience, and earned a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification from the Society for Human Resources Management, all of which help him view outdoor education through a variety of educational and administrative lenses.

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